TEAMOSITY® allows you to look at key attributes of team members in a side-by-side comparison so you can clearly see areas of common ground and potential sources of problems between team members. This allows you to coach and encourage team members as needed.


TEAMOSITY® provides you with the inquiry tools you need to analyze team member differences. Team members approach meetings, decisions, projects and other team related items differently. Learn what to expect and how to react to accelerate performance.

Team Type Power Weighting

TEAMOSITY® has a Weighted Power Rating that reveals how the team is likely to behave given the makeup of the team. Using a formula based on statistical analysis, TEAMOSITY® gives you a comprehensive view of how the team is dynamically operating.

Analysis Options

Once you enter in each team member and his or her personality type, you are able to identify important aspects of the roles they like to play, how they view and approach meetings and decisions, how they tackle projects, what they view as essential in dealing with team openings and much more.

At your finger tips are the important data points you’ll ever need to understand key team member behaviors.

Team Type

Using our special Team Power Weighting formula, you can see the primary driver of the psychology of your team. Our formula quickly identifies the dynamics of the team you need to address to accelerate performance.

Team Member Attributes

Strengths, Weaknesses, Blindspots, Stress Reactions Derailers, Learning Tactics, Communication, Motivation, Development Tips, Coaching Tips are among the most important data points you need for working with team members. Importantly, TEAMOSITY® allows you to do a team member side by side comparison.

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