Ever need to:

  • Identify a new career strategy?
  • Explore different career options, interests, and settings?
  • Align personality, interests, and skills?
  • Identify work environments that fit for you?
  • Clarify which majors are most likely to match your skill set?
  • Figure out how to work with others effectively?
  • Get a handle on your individual career strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots?
  • Link your personality with your career expectations?

CAREERFITOSITY™ is a comprehensive sales resource, blending sales tactics and processes with personality patterns that drive all human interactions.

If you are an individual who likes lots of interaction while at work, prefers details and practical problems to solve, with a tendency to analyze and produce results within a specific time frame, do you know which work setting or role is best for you?

If you are an individual who prefers a quiet setting, focused on theory and concepts, with attention to doing thing aligned with your values, do you have a list of top job roles for you?

All of these questions — and many more — are addressed in CAREERFITOSITY™.

CAREERFITOSITY™ brings together all of the essential and comprehensive career decision strategies needed for success in today’s highly competitive environment. You can link your personality type to career interests, special work environments, and primary areas of satisfaction through this application.

Looking at career strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, motivation, and communication characteristics are provided as part of the analytical element of this application.

Specific type practical guidance is provided throughout the application for making sure your career attributes provide for success and satisfaction.

Every aspect of career planning — work relationships, appropriate roles, best-fit-work contexts are covered in this application. Your best approach given your personality patterns is provided at the touch of your tablet or keyboard.

Working effectively such that you leverage your personal strengths is comprehensively explored in this application.