Leaders have specific Markers/Drivers and Practices that are vital to successfully moving an organization forward. The 12 Markers/Drivers require specific knowledge, skills, and attributes (KSA Practices) to be successful. For example, there are specific KSA Practices that apply to setting the vision and creating a winning and compelling strategy. There are 25 KSA Practices covering the 12 Markers/Drivers, informed by the research on Leader effectiveness and talent management.

We have the following products:

Color and Black/White Placemats allow individuals to understand the Roles and Practices for Leaders.

There are four:

The KSAP Cards provide a complete library that covers the Roles, Practices, Sorting Options, and Guidance for the KSAP performance behaviors. For use in individual coaching or in key talent conversations, the KSAP Cards allow for discussion of what is current in performance and what may be needed for future effectiveness given organizational challenges.

The Development Guide for Leaders, Bosses, and Coaches of Leaders covers the details of the Practices and provides guidance for creating an essential “Tune Up” Plan.

KSAP 360 Assessments allow for the selection of a subset or the entire set of 35 Leader Practices for ratings, sorting, and blending the data points to provide an accurate picture of current Leader behaviors. Qualified Administrators can select a traditional rating (1,2,3,4,5) or sorting into specific buckets of effectiveness. Open written comments also provide additional context. Ratings and comments are confidential.

The KSAP Assessments provide 5 reports:

We have a highly trained group of consultants and coaches who can provide certification in these products or implement and deliver a program for your organization.