Ever need to:

  • Rethink your roommate selection?
  • Think about how to work with a lab partner?
  • Try to figure out the best way to learn from a particular teacher?
  • Get tips to help work effectively with those who have been assigned to work with you?

RELATE!™, is designed to help students get the most out of all their various relationships critical to educational success. Roommates. Friends. Lab partners. Study partners. Professors. Advisors. Tutors. Counselors. Project teams.

RELATE!™uses personality, interest and skill surveys to evaluate the dynamics of any relationship and give tips to improve the relationship. A rocky relationship can cause noise and get in the way of performing at your best.

A well operating relationship can enhance academic performance. RELATE! can help you select better partners to begin with or can help you improve relationships you are already in. With better relationship success you can have better academic and career success.