(In Development)

Ever need to:

  • Identify a new sales strategy?
  • Explore different influence tactics with a customer?
  • Figure out how to work with sales team members effectively?
  • Get a handle on your individual sales strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots?
  • Identify customer needs?

SALESOSITY™ is a comprehensive sales resource, blending sales tactics and processes with personality patterns that drive all human interactions.

Have you noticed that some sales people:

  • Talk incessantly and don’t seem to really hear the customer?
  • List benefits endlessly whether the customer asked for it or not?
  • Talk about theoretical uses of the service or product even though the customer wants to learn how “hows”?
  • Seem to be making a standard presentation without regard to the needs of the customer?
  • Put pressure on the customer when the individual seems to be questioning about the product?
  • Fail to ask how to meet the customer’s needs?

SALESOSITY™ provides sales solutions to these issues and much more — it is an integrated, comprehensive sales consultant at your finger tips.

SALESOITY™ brings together all of the essential and comprehensive sales strategies needed for success in today’s highly competitive sales environment. Each sales step from identifying customers, making a presentation, closing the deal, and executing on the sales plan is covered in this application. You can look at the tips provided to guide what you say and how you say it, given your personality pattern and the behavior of your customer.

Looking at sales strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, motivation, and communication characteristics are provided as part of the analytical element of this application.

Specific type to type sales tips provide you with practical guidance for making sure your customer understands the product or service benefits and attributes.

You get a sales competency profile with a variety of action tips for turning your sales style into effective influence tactics.

Every aspect of sales — relationship selling, power selling, ROI selling, vision selling, and other sales contexts are covered in this application. Your best approach given your personality patterns is provided at the touch of your tablet or keyboard.

Working effectively on a sales team is comprehensively explored in this application. You can analyze what team member is the best fit with a given customer and which team members work more effectively together.

You can access the application at www.salesosity.com or by clicking here. {Site and Link Will be Active When Product is Released}