Review the following team cases with these goals in mind:

  1. Understand the variety of issues that are keeping the team from performing as expected.
  2. Identify how personality patterns contribute to the team challenges and performance solutions.
  3. Extract the lesson for team development which emerges from applying the application TEAMOSITY®.

The ubiquitous use of teams in organizations all over the globe indicates how vital teamwork is to achieving goals. Teams are used from everything such as product development to product launch.

Driven by the realization that the blending of multiple talents and perspectives leads ultimately to better decisions and more effective implementation of project plans, organizations seek to create teamwork that achieves these ends. Equal to the potential for teams to produce extraordinary results is the disastrous outcomes when teams do not work well together. TEAMOSITY® is designed to accelerate the teamwork behavior essential for teaming to be successful.

There are definitive stages and team phases which have been documented. The focus in these cases is not the team stage but on ways to understand and manage the behaviors of the team.

The team cases are presented in two formats. You can read about the teams by clicking on the titles below. On each team page you will find a pdf that is intended to be used as a case study to facilitate understanding and accelerate applying the lessons from TEAMOSITY®.

Click on the titles below:

Success, Growing and Miserable

Too Many Ps in the C Pod

Using TEAMOSITY for Team Development

Using TEAMOSITY During Team Conflict

Using TEAMOSITY During Team Formation

Using TEAMOSITY to Promote Team Performance